National BBQ Day

Kiwi barbeques and Best Foods Mayonnaise literally go hand in hand.

They are part of the quintessential Kiwi summer, a cheeky BBQ in the sun, snag in one hand covered in Best Foods Mayo and tongs in the other. To celebrate this, we are declaring Sunday 4th March 2018 the first official Best Foods National BBQ Day.

That’s right – we are finally giving the simple kiwi BBQ the occasion it deserves, and we encourage you to join us to celebrate on the day.

But don’t just take our word for it. Tammy Davis has come on board as our National BBQ Day official ambassador, to spread the word and encourage Kiwis to make the most of summer by celebrating all things BBQ. And to give BBQers a few recipe ideas to make their BBQ Day the hottest around, we have partnered with celebrity chefs and former My Kitchen Rules contestants Jay Wanakore and Sarah Chase, who will be sharing some of their favourite Best Foods mayo-based recipes to be served at a Kiwi summer BBQ.

So, what do you need to do to celebrate Best Foods National BBQ Day?

It’s simple. We believe BBQ Day is best enjoyed with a group of great mates, some delicious food, a few cold drinks and a side of New Zealand’s favourite Best Foods mayonnaise. Get your mates together, chuck on your favourite pair of jandals, head outside to enjoy Kiwi summer in all its glory and fire up the barbie on Sunday 4th March 2018.

But what if you don’t own a BBQ? We have you covered. On National BBQ Day we will be hosting a big public event at Mission Bay in Auckland from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, with special guests Lily and Nickson from Mai FM and, of course, Tammy Davis. We invite you all to come down and help us celebrate the day in true Kiwi fashion – with some beach cricket, summer sun and a free sausage sizzle.

Don’t live in Auckland? Don’t worry! On the 4th of March, the Mai Street Team will also take to the streets of Hamilton, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, Manawatu and Gisborne, armed withBest Food’s Mayo, tongs, sausages and a trusty BBQ. Stay tuned to Mai FM for more information on where you can get your free sausage sizzle.

Want to hear the best news of all? National BBQ Day plans to stick around. This is just the first in a long line of future BBQ Days. The first Sunday in March will be Best Foods National BBQ Day from now on – the very best way to say ‘see ya soon’ to our Kiwi summer.

10 Commandments of the Kiwi Summer BBQ

With Best Foods National BBQ Day coming up on the 4th March, we have released our 10 Commandments of the Kiwi Summer BBQ. Sticking to these rules guarantees a perfect BBQ experience each and every time. Trust us.
The BBQ is your preferred summer cooking tool, thou shalt not betray the BBQ

Say hello to your stubbies and goodbye to your stove. Where we’re going, it’s sunny. It’s hot. It’s time to transfer all cooking to the only tool fit for cooking Kiwi grub in summer: The BBQ.

So, pull off that BBQ cover and breathe in deep. That beautiful ashy smell? That’s the aroma of good eating all summer.

Thou shall spread the good BBQ word and always share thine BBQ with thy neighbour, friends and family

Nothing brings people together like a backyard BBQ party. It’s a time when names are awkwardly forgotten, rabbit food is discouraged and anyone who comes empty-handed is shamed.

Invite your neighbours, your family, your friends, Greg from work, and let the BBQ work its magic. Trust us, the only feeling better than cooking for others is being exempt from the clean-up.

Never burn thine BBQ sausages unless equipped to take the wrath of BBQ guests

A little bit of charcoal never killed anyone. Still, that won’t stop your guests from having an issue with overly chargrilled snags.

Keep your head about you and don’t get carried away with yarns unless you’re ready to explain why the sausages taste more like an ashtray than a meaty treat.

Thou shalt not BBQ without a cold beverage in hand

Dehydration is a major cause of dry mouths, slight headaches and general irritability during the hot Kiwi summer. And as to be expected, it’s important that the BBQ commander stays focused and of sound mind.

Stay hydrated during the cooking process. Tip: Dabbing your beverage on your forehead and under your armpits will also help lower your overall body temperature.

Thou shall curate thine best Kiwiana classics playlist for BBQ ambiance

“You know what would make this BBQ even better? Chuck on some J Biebs and let’s get those steaks cooked.”

Nobody in New Zealand has ever said this. The Kiwi summer needs to be paired with classic Kiwi music. If your playlist isn’t 60 per cent Kiwiana Dub or appeared on Nature’s Best*, you’ve messed up and should be ashamed.

*Extra points for each Dave Dobbyn song.

Do not question the BBQers process – it is sacred, passed down by generations of Kiwis before

When it comes to barbecuing, there are certain staples you can expect – sausages, budget white bread, a plethora of condiments and small degrees of sun burn.

However, every Kiwi family has their unique take on recipes, traditions, meal preparation and more. Unless you’re the one wearing the apron behind the BBQ, stay quiet, let the master work and whatever you do – don’t try to control the tongs.

Thou shall remain committed to thine BBQ through all Kiwi summer conditions, rain, hail or shine

Unpredictability has become synonymous with Kiwi weather, especially during summer. Most of the time, we’re blessed with hot days that extend into warm, blissful evenings full of friends, fun and family.

However, sometimes the universe throws us a curveball on the planned BBQ day. But to abandon the plans would be such an Aussie thing to do.

No, we Kiwis are a committed bunch and will barbecue various meats for our loved ones regardless of the weather. A bit of hail never hurt anyone.

Thou shalt not rush the BBQer – good things take time, like fine BBQ foods

Whoever came up with the saying ‘patience is a virtue’ must have barbecued one hell of a meal. Much like a fine wine, great BBQ food will take as long as it needs to be perfect for eagerly awaiting stomachs.

Think of barbecue snags and steaks as the culinary equivalent of Beethoven’s ‘Ode To Joy’ or Melodrama - you wouldn’t rush Lorde to release unfinished music, right?

Remember to always dedicate the first Sunday of March to thy BBQ

We know it’s hard to remember important dates. With all the stress that comes with the summer holidays – not to mention all the public holidays we get early in the year as it is – you’d be forgiven for letting something slip.

But don’t betray your BBQ. Set reminders, write a Post It note for the fridge, employ the tactics of a hypnotist – do whatever’s necessary to show your BBQ the respect it deserves.

Thou shall never forget the essential BBQ condiments

A cardinal rule, something that can make or break a summer evening BBQ. Having the wrong condiments available for guests – or worse, none – can be the difference between a dodgy, dry sausage or a deliciously saucy snag.

Use the following as a checklist if you're not sure: Best Foods Mayonnaise, tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, mint sauce. Easy enough, yeah?