Second Chance Spicy Satay Noodles

Turn your waste into taste and give your food a second chance this Sunday!


Time of preparation

15 min

Cooking time

10 min


  • Thumb-sized knob of ginger
  • 4x cloves of garlic
  • 2x Birds Eye chilli
  • 1x Broccoli stem
  • 4x Chicken Thighs
  • 1x Carrot
  • 1x Small handful of coriander*
  • 1/3 Cup Peanut butter
  • 1/4 Cup Best Foods Mayo
  • 4 TBSP Soy Sauce
  • Peanut Oil
  • 2x Pack of Udon noodles

Recipe Directions

  • Place large pan onto medium heat with a good few glugs of oil.

  • Finley Chop Ginger, Garlic, and chilli and add this into the pan. Cook this until nice and Fragrant.

  • Slice the chicken thighs into strips, and thinly slice the broccoli. You could also use beef or pork for this recipe.

  • Turn the pan onto high heat and add the chicken and broccoli. Broccoli stems are great in stir-frys and can take really intense heat well. Keeping the stems prevents them from ending up in the bin and tastes great!

  • Grate the carrot, chop the coriander* and add this to the pan. Keep everything moving so it does not stick.

  • Mix together the mayonnaise, peanut butter and 2 TBSP soy sauce.

  • After approximately 7 mins the chicken should be nice and golden brown, fully cooked through. Add in 1x tbsp Soy Sauce to deglaze the pan and remove from the heat.

  • We can now add in the satay sauce into the pan, and keep 1TBSP for the noodles .

  • While this is resting, cook your udon noodles in a nice hot pan. After 2 mins add in the remaining 1TBSP of soy sauce and Satay Sauce. The noodles will now be cooked.

  • Serve the chicken on top of the noodles and Enjoy! Stir-frys are a fantastic way to use up left over veggies, you could also add in frozen peas or zucchini. If you are using chicken thighs with the bone keep the bones as these can be turned into chicken stock really easily, further reducing your food bill on the next shop!